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January 2021 Book Club

About the Book Club:

As part of our agenda to continually promote the work of Black British Writers we are launching BBW Book Club in 2021. We also aim to collaborate with existing book clubs that are aligned with our goals and values. Black British Writers are pleased to announce our first Book Club will kick off in January 2021 in collaboration with Black-Books Club (BBC) and we will be reading ‘My Name is Why‘ by British/Ethiopian poet Lemn Sissay.

About the Book:

Click the link to read Goodreads’ synopsis on My Name is Why.


BBC started in 2016 after a conversation in Hyde Park between 4 Black and Brown friends. It was a way to redress the racial and cultural imbalance in reading habits and deliberately de-centre Whiteness. They expand their horizons by making conscious attempts to read books from different parts of the world.

Consisting of 20+ members living in different countries with different backgrounds, the Club ‘meets’ every 5-6 weeks to share, discuss, learn and laugh about things they know and things they discover.

For more details about BBC, follow them on Twitter and Instagram @BlackBooks_Club.

We encourage you to read or listen to the book beforehand should you wish to join in on the discussion, but feel free to just come along even if you haven’t.

Please register below if you’d like to attend the Book Club:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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