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Black British Writers was created in 2020 by Kemi Solanke in order to provide a central collaborative space to uplift black British voices from past to present. It is common knowledge that Black British writers do not get the recognition that they deserve and although the tide is slowly turning there is still a lack of resources and information which focuses on writers of African and Caribbean heritage in the UK.  It is time we all become a partaker in literary activism.

Our mission is to provide accessible resources. We have created a home for aspiring writers offering encouragement, advice, ideas and inspiration. We have created a space where avid readers can delve into a world of brilliant and fascinating words because our stories matter. We have created a platform that celebrates, promotes, and highlights all types of literary works by underrepresented writers.

Although founded by, for and dedicated to black writers we do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour or creed and welcome all readers. 

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